What Is Our Philosophy?

We firmly advocate that a business can obtain steady growth only by aligning sales processes with the buyer’s journey.

A buyer’s journey is nothing but a series of experiences a buyer has until he decides to buy your product/service. Simply put buyer’s journey looks as follows:

  • Buyer identifies a problem.

  • He researches for possible solutions.

  • He hear about your product/service and want to know more about them.

  • He want to see your product/service in action.

  • He want to see a social proof that your product/service works and compare it with other options.

  • He takes a trial of your product/service.

  • He might have some concerns about your product/service.

  • He purchases your product/service if it feels like a right investment.

  • He recommends your product/service to others if he is delighted from it.

  • He comes back to you again whenever he is in need of your product/service.

In order to win the sale, you need to be mindfully visible to user in each of the above-mentioned stages of buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey does not end once the sale is made. Delighting the buyers and building long term relationships is the key to get repeat business.

How We Work with You?

Step 1: Identifying the root cause

We begin by identifying the root cause of your stagnant growth. From our experience, the root cause is most likely one of the following:

1. Sales Engine not Rightly Powered.

a. 80% revenue coming from 20% sales team.

b. Sales leader investing repeated effort in training salespeople (due to high attrition in the sales team). This costs your company much more than you can imagine.

c. Salespeople not coached to diffuse the sales objections and lead with empathy.

2. Misalignment of Sales and Marketing Team

a. Marketing team is bringing tons of visitors to your website, but those visitors are not converting into paying customers.

b. Sales and Marketing team not able to keep potential customers on the same page because of inconsistent messaging

c. Sales team has no process to use content created by the Marketing team.

d. Marketing team is not able to create sales-driven content. This is very important as sales deals with customers day in and day out.

3. In-efficient utilization of CRM (like HubSpot)

a. The purpose of a CRM is far beyond just maintaining a list of customers.

b. CRM becomes a powerful business tool if used for things like:

i. Maintaining relationships with clients to stay on the top-of-their mind.
ii. Keeping notes about what moves the needle for particular clients.
iii. Automating the email marketing campaign and much more.

c. Marketing team is not able to create sales-driven content. This is very important as sales deals with customers day in and day out.

4. Your Employees have not yet become your advocates

Bringing the company’s internal chatter out is critical to attracting the right set of clients as well as employees. However, advocacy should not be imposed, it should come from within the employees.

All you need is the right triggers and tools.

Step 2: Chalking out the solution specific to your company

As we mentioned, a thorough understanding of the buyer’s journey is critical.

We begin by taking a deep understanding of your target buyer and chalking out a buyer’s journey for your business.

Once we have the buyer’s journey ready, we give a check to your sales processes. In order to find out the gaps.

Based on the gaps, we provide you a strategic plan of action.

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Step 3: We work hand-in-hand to bring double-digit revenue growth for your company

We work with our clients on a monthly retainer basis.

We offer three different packages that are designed based on the maturity of a business.

You can find the details of the packages on our pricing page.

Heard Enough?

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