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Only Hire Us If Any Of Below 9 Problems Is Hurting Your Growth

100s of Hot Leads but a fraction among them getting converted.

80% Revenue from just 20% salespeople.

Not able to meet your targets of engaging new prospects.

Leads not able to recall you when in need of your services.

Marketing unable to show ROI on their programs.

Not sure how to reach OUT to potential customers?

Not able to Up-Sell or Cross-Sell.

Even a high priced sales veteran could not deliver.

Low visibility of sales activities.

100s of Hot Leads but a fraction among them getting converted?

Probably majority of the leads are irrelevant, even if they are happy to absorb your content, they might not be your potential buyers.

It’s really important to have a crystal-clear understanding of the buyer persona.

And to generate leads as close as possible to the buyer persona.

Leads not able to recall you when in need of your services?

If you don’t want this to happen:
You need to be on Top-Of-The-Buyer’s-Mind, the moment client faces a problem which you solve.

By constantly staying in touch yet not being pushy.

Not able to up-sell or cross sell?

It’s important to know whom, when and how to up-sell.

Cross-sell is more of a logic than art. Something that Amazon does in its section “Frequently Bought Together”.

80% of Revenue from just 20% salespeople?

You can surely change these numbers in 3-steps and bring consistency across your sales team performance.

List down all the Sales-Objections.

Document your star-sellers’ responses for each objection.

Make this objection-response repository instantly accessible across the team.

Marketing unable to show ROI on their programs?

Marketing is not just about writing emails, buying ads or writing blogs.

You need to strategise your marketing efforts around the buyer’s journey.


Example: You cannot target a Facebook ad with a discount coupon about mushroom coffee to somebody who has not even heard about mushroom coffee yet.

Even a high-priced sales veteran could not deliver?


When the veteran and you do not have the same belief system.


A person great at selling oranges might not be as good at selling apples.

Not sure how to reach out to your potential customers?

It’s time to build a sales and marketing machine so that potential customers reach you instead of you reaching out to them.

You need to be found when potential buyers search for a solution to problem you can solve.

Focusing massive amount of time on new prospect engagement, but in vain?

Wisdom lies in maintaining warm relationships with existing clients because you have already earned their trust.

Earning trust is half job done. In later half all you need is an opportunity to solve your client’s problem.

Low visibility of Sales Activities?

When you have a big sales-team it becomes imperative use a CRM so that you can track each and every sales activity happening in your company.

This visibility gives you great business opportunities.

Example: You can pull out a list of all the deals stuck in proposal stage and prioritize to chase the ones which have higher value. You, being the sales leader, you know the knack of closing the deals after all.

CEOs come to us when







Above All, They Are Frustated To See Their Business Not Living Up To Its Full Potential.

We Help You Build

A system that helps you position yourself always on the top of your prospect’s mind.

A system that pulls your Sales team members from silos and bring all of them to one platform.

A repeatable sales process for turning high quality leads to Revenue Generating Clients.

A system that helps in creating Predictable Sales and thus helping your company scaling up.

Finally, our clients have Confidence in their Sales Process than ever before.

How We Achieve This?

  • Figure Out Stages Of Sales Process

  • Identify Person Responsible For Each Stage

  • Chart Out Bottlenecks For Each Stage

  • Motivate Prospects To Move To Next Stage

  • Automate System For Future

  • Figure Out Stages Of Sales Process

  • Identify Person Responsible For Each Stage

  • Chart Out Bottlenecks For Each Stage

  • Motivate Prospects To Move To Next Stage

  • Automate System For Future

3-Month Plan

You have a great product or service but having a tough time growing your business?

Most businesses fall to traditional methods like spending loads of money on conferences, looking for new leads all the time, hiring veteran sales gun thinking he might uplift their business but rarely this brings value to them.

We know how hard it is to create a process which makes you stand out and after a lot of experimenting, found the things that worked.

We work with a 3-Month Package with our clients (starting at $3000/mo) where we help them design a consistent Sales System which ultimately results in steep growth in revenue figure.

How Companies Lose Their Revenue Because of Bad Customer Experiences

Please email us your concern.

When Aditi messaged to a company on Facebook to give feedback on their faulty product, she expected a response like:

Thanks a lot for pointing that to us. We apologize that you faced such a problem. Let me discuss with the concerned department and get back to you.

But, the response that she received was:

Hello, please mail us your query at support@***.com.

Just because of this automated response, they lost a customer that day.

Installation Guy will share the cost details with You.

When Jim called up a broadband company to get a new broadband connection for his home, he expected the conversation to go like:

Jim, the plan will cost you $100 per month and the one-time installation cost will be $150. Should I register the request for a new connection for you?

To the contrary, the actual conversation went like:

Jim, the plan is going to cost you $100 per month. Installation guys will let you know about the installation cost, we don’t know how much the cost will be.”

Like Really?

How could Jim make a decision if he should go for the connection or not if you as the company’s representatives don’t know the overall cost (that he need to know before he place a request)?

This does not come under our company’s policy.

Mark and his wife went to a brand owner retail store to shop. They liked a dress but were surprised to notice that the online cost of the same dress was less than the store cost.

They went to the Manager and asked to look into it and match the cheaper price. His response was:

Sorry Mark, our company’s policy doesn’t allow us to do it. You have to buy the dress on the mentioned store cost only.

Mark and his wife thanked the Manager and quickly left the store.

That store lost a customer’s loyalty that day just because it could not bend itself to suit its customer’s needs.

Your credit has been denied.

Michelle went to a restaurant one evening to spend some good time with her friends.

After having dinner, she handed over her card to the cashier so as to pay the bill.

A few seconds later, the cashier blurted out:

Your card has been denied.

And the entire restaurant was started looking at Michelle.

What an embarrassing situation the cashier created for Michelle ruining her entire evening!

Instead, she could have softly said:

Michelle, my machine has been troubling me all day. Could I have another card as I am having trouble with this one?

Michelle vowed never to go to that restaurant again.

Not sure you want to go for the 3-Month Plan?

Let’s schedule a no-pressure call to discuss where you are in your Sales journey, your goals, and which level of consulting services is best for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill?

Payment is due at the beginning of each month before we begin work.

I need more than 3 months of support. Can you help me?

Yes! Give us a shout to discuss your needs.

What if I don't have HubSpot?

If you are considering HubSpot, we can work with you to make the best decision for your needs — even recommending using something other than HubSpot. We love HubSpot, but it might not be right for you.

Can I cancel anytime?

We work on a month-to-month basis and bill monthly you can choose to engage us for as long or as short of a time as you need. Because of this, there is no need to ever “cancel” as once our work is complete for the month, your “contract” is complete until you decide the number of hours you need for the next month.

Can you help us with content?

Yes, we can work with you to create something as complex as a content strategy or a simple editorial calendar for blog posts. We can provide advice and editing services. We believe in the “They Ask, You Answer” ideas of Marcus Sheridan so we think YOU should do the writing yourself. Our strategy and support will put a shine on your expert knowledge.

Will HubSpot be able to help me in my Industry?

We can make HubSpot work for any industry, product, or service.

Do you do in-person training or workshops?

Yes! We love to meet our clients in person and can deliver a one-day workshop to help train your team, create a strategy, or any other HubSpot-related need. Fees vary depending on the workshop to be delivered and you must cover all travel costs.

Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime?

You can flex your support package needs from month-to-month. For example, your in-house HubSpot expert leaves for another job just before you need to create and launch a marketing campaign. We can assist you with a 40/hour (or more) package to get your campaign launched on time. In the next month, you may only need us for 20 hours (or even none).

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